Digital Star Wars no longer in a galaxy far, far away

Star Wars HD digital
Are these the digital films you're looking for?

A short time in the future in a galaxy very, very close, Star Wars fans will finally be able to purchase all six films digitally in HD.

Launching this Friday, April 10, the three good Star Wars films will be joined by the not-so-great prequel trilogy on digital distribution platforms like iTunes and Google Play all around the world in the lead up to the launch of Star Wars Episode VII later this year.

For long-time fans of the series hoping to see A New Hope restored to its original glory, (or minus the digital additions made for the remaster) there's disappointing news: These HD versions are the special edition cuts that made Greedo shoot first.

The Empire strikes back

It's not all bad news though. The team at Disney has delved deep into the archive for this digital release, coming up with a heap of never-before-seen special features.

There will also be more classic Star Wars special features attached to your digital investment, so there's plenty of data attached to those digital purchases.

For the completionist, this is a convenient addition to the collection. But given that the pre-order price is currently sitting at $US20 / £14 / $AU25 per film, it's also a pretty expensive option.

So are these the Star Wars movies you were looking for? Or just another Jedi mind trick from the money makers at Disney? The Droids will no doubt give us the answer once the films launch on digital channels this Friday.

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