A brand new era for techradar – the home of technology

techradar - the home of technology
techradar - the home of technology

Welcome to the home of technology – a new-look techradar that is now taking its expert advice beyond suggesting the tech you'll love to helping you get the best out of your devices.

With a wealth of how to content, expert tips and tricks and our trademark world class reviews on everything that matters in the world of consumer technology, techradar is also enhancing and extending our coverage in some of the most important breakout areas: car tech and wearables.

We'll be telling you how to make the most of your tablets, phones and laptops – from finding the best apps, games and streaming services to avoiding the pitfalls and problems on your Windows PCs and Macs.

We'll talk you through getting the best camera for your price range and then show you how to take amazing photos, we'll root out the hidden features of your phone, and we'll keep you abreast of everything that's happening in the burgeoning world of car tech, from sat-navs and dash cams right the way through to self-driving technology and electric automobiles.

And we're pulling all of this amazing content into a cleaner, simpler and wider front page that will showcase the best tech features, news and reviews on the internet.

So, why the changes?

Back in 2008 a small group of journalists were tasked with creating a new site that provided honest expert reviews and news for technology. In the eight years since techradar has established itself as not only Britain's largest tech website but also one of the biggest on the planet, with offices in San Francisco, New York, Bath, London and Sydney.

But at the heart of what we do is the honest belief that we can always think bigger, broader and provide a better service for the more than 20 million people who read the site in August.

A few years ago technology was a big part of our world, but now it's become a central part of our social lives, our homes and our cars.

And yet we know that for millions of people, including the most tech savvy, every new development brings questions and problems as well as joy – and as the home of technology we wanted to guide our readers through the tough times as well.

What we believe is, that in a world where everything is technology and technology is everywhere, techradar should be the place where it all is brought together.

We hope you enjoy the new-look homepage and the new exciting content that guides you through the sometimes tough world of tech.

We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below and, in the meantime, please come in and take a seat. Welcome to the home of technology.

Patrick Goss

Patrick Goss is the ex-Editor in Chief of TechRadar. Patrick was a passionate and experienced journalist, and he has been lucky enough to work on some of the finest online properties on the planet, building audiences everywhere and establishing himself at the forefront of digital content.  After a long stint as the boss at TechRadar, Patrick has now moved on to a role with Apple, where he is the Managing Editor for the App Store in the UK.