Windows 10's new look brings back rounded corners

Image credit: Zac Bowden (Image credit: Zac Bowden)

It looks like Microsoft is planning a subtle change to the design of future versions of Windows 10, with a new screenshot revealing that rounded corners are coming back to the operating system in Windows 10 20H1, which will be the first major update of 2020.

The screenshot comes courtesy of Zac Bowden, Senior Editor of Windows Central, which shows the new-look Search app – if you look closely, the corners of the app’s window are rounded.

The current version of Windows 10 features sharp corners, giving it a more formal and arguably rather dated look. This is in contrast to macOS, which uses rounded corners in its design language.

Previous versions of Windows have had rounded corners, but with Windows Phone and Windows 8 and their ‘Metro’ user interfaces, Microsoft pursued a straighter look to differentiate its modern operating systems.

Fluent Design

The more welcoming rounded edges won’t just be coming to Windows 10, with Bowden stating: “The rounded corners are coming to Fluent Design. You'll see it all over Windows, Xbox, Office, and other products in the coming months/years.”

So, the Xbox Two (or whatever it will be called), will likely have a different-looking interface to the Xbox One, and one that aligns with the future version of Windows 10.


Matt Hanson
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