The final HTC Vive will be revealed this October

HTC Vive

While HTC had showcased its new wireless controllers for its HTC Vive headset for the better half of last week at San Diego Comic-Con 2015, these headsets and controllers are only developer units.

For its final, finished, consumer-ready Vive VR product, HTC executive director of marketing Jeffrey Gattis said, "We are targeting mid-October, but have not yet finalized the event details, venue, etc."

While this indicates that the final consumer product is pretty locked and ready, Gattis only revealed, "Our hardware development, for the consumer versions of both the HMD and wireless controllers, remain on schedule for the end of 2015."

Beating everyone else to the VR punch

While he said that he couldn't give any specifications for the final build, he explained that being HTC, the finished product would be "more refined from a design standpoint." That is essentially to say that it will be more stylish, less bulky and lighter.

As for an actual release date, we'll only have to wait a handful of months more, as HTC wants the Vive to be ready for the holidays.

"We remain committed to what we said at our keynote in Barcelona back in March, that is, the first consumer units will be on sale and in the hands of customers before the end of this year," Gattis said.

Until then, you can try to catch the HTC tour van, which will be touring around the US and Europe over the next few months.