Oculus Touch price: here's how much the Rift controllers cost

Oculus has finally revealed how much its Touch controllers for Oculus Rift cost, and when consumers can buy them. 

From today, consumers can preorder the controllers from Oculus.com, or else they can find a retailer on Oculus Live.

All Touch orders include a second room sensor and Rock Band VR connector, while those who preorder will also see The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge games bundled with their controllers.

What's more, anyone who preorders and purchases a Rift headset on Oculus.com by October 27 will be cut to the front of the Touch preorder line, Oculus says. 

Thirty-five Touch-enabled titles will be ready to roll on December 6, meaning you'll have plenty of ways to try out your new controllers from the start.

Check out full region-specific pricing details below. 

How much will the Oculus Touch cost?

Oculus Touch controllers will cost $199/£189/around AU$265 when they launch on December 6. That's pretty pricey, considering the Rift headset alone costs $600/£499/AU$859.

To sweeten the pot (and if you're a bit thrown off by that price), Oculus is throwing in two games with every Touch order: VR Sports Challenge and the Unspoken.

Oculus also announced the Touch controllers support room scale. It's extra sensor will be required to support this, but thankfully will be included with the controllers. Alternatively it can be be purchased separately for $79 on December 6.

Oculus Touch price in the US

As noted above, the Touch controllers cost $199. Oculus didn't mention any bundle that would combine the headset and Touch for a cheaper price. We'll keep our ears out.

Oculus Touch price in the UK

Oculus has announced that its Touch controllers will cost £189 in the UK, and will come bundled with a second sensor and Rock Band VR connector. 

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