Now no one can buy the gold Apple Watch

Gold Apple Watch

If you were saving up for an Apple Watch made of gold, you might want to sit down.

The iPhone maker has discontinued its insanely expensive wearable constructed of 18-karat gold, snuffing out its effort to be a purveyor of luxury watches. You won't find a gold Apple Watch anywhere on the Apple Store website.

Instead, the highest-priced Apple Watch you can now buy is the new Apple Watch Edition made of ceramic. It retails at a starting point of $1,249 (£1,249, AU$1,249), which is still more than many people are willing to pay for a smartwatch, but a fraction of the price of the gold Apple Watch – the gilded digital timepiece would have put a $10,000 dent in your bank account.

Gold gone cold

Apple didn't mention at the iPhone 7 launch event that it was doing away with the gold Apple Watch, but it's no surprise to see it get the axe. The gold Apple Watch only appealed to those who could actually afford it, and it's hard to break into the realm of luxury brands such as Rolex, where name and reputation carry weight with buyers.

With the gold Apple Watch out of the way, the ceramic Apple Watch Edition is the company's new top-of-the-line wearable. Ceramic, Apple says, is stronger than steel, so while you shouldn't worry about cracking it, we still don't recommend smashing it on the ground or anything.

There is still a Rose Gold color option for the Apple Watch, to be sure, but it's not made of the good stuff.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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