Samsung Gear VR just nabbed Netflix

Netflix on Oculus

The Netflix app is set to be available in the Oculus Store starting today, with a slew of other streaming services to follow soon.

Oculus made the announcement during its Oculus Connect 2 conference, and while it is coming to the new $99 Gear VR in November, you'll also be able to download Netflix on to existing Gear VR hardware today.

But Netflix isn't the only video streaming app coming to the Oculus store, with Twitch, Vimeo, TiVo and Hulu also set to be made available on Gear VR soon as well.

Of course, you'll also be able to experience Facebook's new 360-degree videos on Gear VR as well as.

A rise of VR video?

Oculus also announced partnerships with movie houses Lionsgate and 20th Century Fox, and will allow you to watch blockbuster movies in a VR setting, probably through Oculus Cinema, though this hasn't been confirmed.

Oculus VR content partners

We imagine that with the availability of these apps through Oculus, we'll begin seeing more and more VR video content being created, including movies and even TV shows.

For example, with the Hulu VR app, Hulu said in a statement that along with being able to access its 2D content, users will also be able to stream "original virtual reality short-form," starting with the VR short film The Big One, which is produced by Lionsgate and RocketJump.

Unfortunately, besides the availability of Netflix from today, we haven't been given more details on when the other video streaming apps will be made available.

It is also still unclear if the apps will be available on the Oculus Rift, but with the availability of these apps in Oculus' app store, we imagine we'll be seeing these video streaming apps on Oculus' own VR gear when it launches next year.