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Google's brilliant plan to get you off the couch

Android Wear
Can Google make running fun?

Unless your our resident Running Man of Tech, most of us find working out a bit of a chore, but Google has set out to make fitness fun with its Games in Motion initiative.

This is a set of sample code that developers can use as a basis for making fitness apps for Android Wear devices.

It brings a number of additional features that are designed to keep people motivated when working out by turning their fitness regime into a game.

Fun runs

With Games in Motion, app developers can create tasks that users of the app have to complete, for example running a certain speed or distance. While the user completes the tasks workout data is recorded by Google Fit to show users their progress.

A number of Android services are used in Games in Motion, so not only does Google Fit record your progress, but Google Play Games can keep track of the achievements that you unlock and let you compare your scores with your friends.

Apps such as Zombies, Run! have shown that by turning workouts into interactive games, users are more likely to stick to their goals and exercise more often. Implementing features into Android Wear that will continue this approach could give Google-sporting wearables, such as the LG Watch Urbane, a boost over the Apple Watch in the eyes of lapsed fitness fanatics.

Via Android Central

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