Apple Watch launch event: Live Blog!

Apple Watch live blog
Apple Watch live blog

(All times in PST)

11.34 That's a wrap guys! Thanks, and see our updated hands on soon.

11.33 Remember, people who drop 10,000 dollars on a Watch won't care about the price. That's not the Watch for people who have to check their bank balance.

11.32 Think that's it. We're wrapping up now. There was nothing big announced, beyond the new medical research stuff and the upgraded MacBook.

11.30 The Watch is coming to a load of countries on April 24, including the US, the UK, Germany and Japan. Apple is 'working hard' to bring it to more. Does that mean it's hard to make?

11.28 For the 38mm it starts at: $549 $1049. For the 42mm, it's $50 more. Watch Edition starts at $10,000 dollars. Wow. It is a load of gold in there.

Release date: April 10 for pre-orders and you can check it out in person.

11.27 Through all this chat about things we've mostly already seen, I still think the Apple Watch is one of the best looking out there. It really does look like a watch on the wrist.

I just hope that battery life holds.

11.26 I do like that Ive is really into these videos. He makes it sound awesome every time he says 'alloying'. I have no idea what he's talking about as I don't know how steel should be made, but I assume he knows what he's talking about.

I want a multi-axis milling machine. What is it? I DON'T CARE.

11.25 Now the main version. Stainless steel that's no ordinary stainless steel. Sigh. Here comes another video.

Apple Watch

About steel.

11.24 That's Watch Sport. A lot on aluminium. Starts at $349 for the 38mm model, and $399 for the larger model.

11.22 Three collections, as we know: Sport has a special kind of aluminium compared to that 'normal' aluminium we all throw in the trash.

IveSpeak is talking about aluminium. I love that he adds in the 'i'. There's a video of a foundry on a white background. I would love it if Apple built one in a white room to make the watches.

11.21 There will be how to videos, set up friends, choose notifications. With all these 'great apps' Apple thinks it's going to be massively, with 'All day' battery life across a range of activities.

A typical day will be 18 hours, according to Apple. With the magnetic charger it will click into place. You know, like magnets.

11.20 That's it from the developers. Nothing groundbreaking, but some cool stuff. Tim is back. Going to tell us stuff about availability hopefully.

The iPhone will be the place to download and change apps. Apple Watch App coming to iOS 8.2.

11.19 A new app lets you control the home with the Watch. app lets you see your locks, a video of the garage door, and an open button. YES, YES THIS IS WHAT WATCHES SHOULD DO.

11.18 Shazam on the Watch and you can hear what's playing and get the info on the device. People are clapping Shazam. That was around before smartphones. It's cool on the Watch.

11.17 Drawing on fellow watch user's watch faces. That's going to be one thing over and over with my friends.

Now looking at hotels - you can unlock your door with your Watch as it's your roomkey thanks to NFC. It's cool.

11.16 Boarding passes on the Watch - including barcode. That means you have to hand your watch over to the airline staff. That's going to be weird.

11.15 So you can call using the phone, as long as it's connected to the iPhone. That's good. Now we're seeing Uber being really integrated. All these apps look very slick.

11.13 How has this gone on for an hour and a quarter? I could summarise this now: we've made medical research on the iPhone, the new MacBook is pretty cool, comes in loads of colours and has one port, and the Watch is still a thing.

Matt Swider