We may not see the iPhone SE 2 until September, with Face ID in tow

Apple is apparently working on an iPhone SE 2, based on reports, but when are we going to actually see it? The latest rumor to filter down from the supply chain in Asia says it won't be unveiled until September, alongside the iPhone XI and the other 2018 iPhones – and it'll bring Face ID along with it.

The semi-reliable Mac Otakara has the scoop, based on a clandestine chat with a "Chinese accessory maker", so adjust your expectations accordingly. Previously, the iPhone SE 2 had been tipped to arrive earlier in the year, as the original iPhone SE did.

Not so, says Mac Otakara's sources. Apparently, Apple has yet to even settle on a final design for the device, which makes us think that even a September release is pushing production timings a little fine. The phone display could be as small as 4 inches or as big as 6 inches, the insider sources suggest.

Best face forward

What does seem (almost) certain is that the iPhone SE 2 will come with a TrueDepth camera that enables Face ID, as well as a notch in the display, and no Home button. Apple looks set to be going all in with the face unlocking, so you can give your fingerprints a rest as soon as you upgrade.

Previous rumors have pointed to a glass back and wireless charging for the iPhone SE 2, other features that it'll borrow from the iPhone X. What we might be looking at is a phone that looks just like a shrunken down version of Apple's flagship handset.

We find the idea that Apple is still playing around with iPhone SE 2 designs a little hard to swallow, but as we're already half way through May the rumor of  September launch seems more plausible. The next event in the Apple calendar is the WWDC 2018 developer conference in June, where we should get to hear all about iOS 12.

Via AppleInsider

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