Leaked iPhone SE2 renders suggest how the compact Apple phone could look like

While Apple fans were doubting their curiosity over the recent leak of the iPhone SE2, some 3D CAD renders have popped up telling a different story. 

Previously leaked pictures of the iPhone SE2 showed an iPhone 5S/SE like design with a glass back for wireless charging, headphone jack. But it was rather unconvincing, as we’ve seen a number of fake models leaked from Asia in the past. 

The new leak comes from a more trusted source OnLeaks’ Steve H, who has got his hands on the CAD renders of the rumoured iPhone SE2 (Images below). The renders were first obtained by Tiger Mobiles

They say it's 'notchy'

The iPhone in the renders has more or less the same design as the iPhone SE, but there are a few visible changes to it. 

The first and the most easily noticeable change is the missing headphone jack. Then there's a metallic rear panel, and glass inserts on the top and bottom of the sides for reception. Which might also mean, no wireless charging tech on the phone. It also shows the iPhone 5/5S/SE like glass block on the top and bottom of the back. 

Up front, there’s a full screen display with a notch, which could most mean, it may feature FaceID. Notably, there’s no visible TouchID sensor or Home button that further confirms, the possible availability of FaceID.

The rest of the design elements look more or less the same as seen on the 4-inch iPhone chassis. An alert switch, rounded volume rockers and a power/lock key on top. 

Apple hasn’t officially confirmed making an iPhone SE2 yet, so keep your expectations in check, until we find something more concrete about its existence. 

Also, OnLeaks has depicted quite a few accurate renders of smartphones in the past, but they can't "confirm if this one is partially or completely accurate or even exists". 

Steve decided to share the renders for "discussion purposes only", affirming to take it as an idea of what could be expected from the phone.

Sudhanshu Singh

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