Proof that the iPhone SE 2 might look just like the iPhone X

iPhone SE 2

Will the iPhone SE 2 still look like the iPhone 5S? According to a render shared by Olixar, a case manufacturer, it will indeed. But it will also supposedly fit neatly in line with the iPhone X with a notched display.

Leaks for the next palm-friendly iPhone have ramped up in the past month ahead of WWDC 2018, and this render affirms most of what we’ve heard so far.  

If you like the styling of the iPhone SE, including its size and button layout, it seems you’ll be right at home with the newer model. However, the screen real estate looks to be getting some major improvements by breaking away its huge bezels, opting for the now-famous notch that was first introduced on the iPhone X.

Just one of Apple's 2018 phones

Apple is said to be working on several iPhone models for 2018, the iPhone SE 2 and iPhone XI included. If the successor to 2016’s iPhone SE has a notch, that means each of Apple’s phones will, more or less, look the same.

And while the iPhone SE was the last bastion for the 3.5mm headphone jack, recent leaks state that the cherished hardware will go the way of the bezel, meaning that it will disappear.

Phone launches are typically reserved for Apple’s September event, though it’s possible that the company could release this earlier to put more focus on its flagship lineup.

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