New Wahoo Kickr Rollr trainer brings the feel of road cycling to your living room

Wahoo Kickr Roller smart trainer
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Wahoo has unveiled its latest smart trainer, the Kickr Rollr, for pro-level indoor training at home. The trainer puts a new spin on the traditional roller design, with a frame that accommodates a wide range of frame and tire sizes, plus a quick-release wheelbase clamp takes the hassle out of attaching and removing bikes.

With no need to remove your bike's rear wheel, it's now far easier to switch between indoor and outdoor training, and there's no need to make changes to your bike setup when changing between the two.

This convenience will appeal to advanced cyclists who want to avoid changing their equipment before a race, but the Kickr Rollr is also beginner-friendly. Its Safety Tire Gripper secures the front wheel, providing plenty of stability when mounting, dismounting, and getting out of the saddle for big efforts – all without sacrificing the natural feel of the rollers.

It's available now for £699.99 (about $950 / AU$1,300), making it a much more affordable alternative to the standard Wahoo Kickr Smart Bike Trainer for cyclists new to indoor training.

Wahoo has also whipped the wraps off a new pedal-based power meter aimed at pro cyclists and triathletes. The Powrlink Zero power meter is built around the Speedplay Zero pedal system, which is designed to withstand everything from flat-out racing to 200-mile grinds. Its pedal-based design makes it easy to switch between bikes, and it's available in single-sided or dual-sided options.

The Powrlink Zero offers dual-sided entry, a low stack height, and adjustable pedal float from 0-15 degrees. It's also compatible with legacy Speedplay Zero cleats, if you're upgrading your existing training setup.

Wahoo Powrlink Zero power meter

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Its battery provides 75 hours of ride time between charges, and it connects to third-party apps and devices via ANT+ or Bluetooth. The single-sided option weighs 250g, while the dual-sided setup is 276g, adding minimal load to your bike, and they're on sale now for £549.99 (about $750 / AU$1,000) and £849.99 (about $ / AU$), respectively.

Alternatively, you can pick up the Kickr Roller trainer and the single-sided Speedplay Powrlink Zero together as a bundle for £1,199.99 (about $1,600 / AU$2,300).

Analysis: why choose a smart trainer?

Wahoo's new smart trainer is particularly beginner-friendly, but if you're new to indoor training then you might be tempted to opt for a static indoor exercise bike instead, After all, even with a clamp system that eliminates the need to remove your bike's back wheel, fitting a bicycle onto a trainer is still an extra step that gets between you and your workout.

First off, using a smart trainer gives you a much more realistic riding experience than a static indoor bike, as you're using the same equipment you would on the road, and the trainer's adjustable resistance means it can accurately simulate a wide range of road gradients.

A smart trainer also takes up much less space in your home, and they tend to be much less expensive than a static exercise bike of a similar caliber.

If you don't want the setup time of a trainer and would prefer to recreate a gym experience at home, an indoor bike is the better choice. However, if you're aiming to replicate the experience of riding on the open road, a smart trainer is the machine for you.

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