Virgin Mobile now offers 'Truly Unlimited' data deals to existing broadband customers

Virgin Mobile's 'Truly Unlimited' mobile plan offers all-you-can-eat data

Today is a good day to be a Virgin broadband customer - you're getting exclusive access to a new Virgin Mobile phone deal like no other.

The Virgin Mobile deal dubbed 'Truly Unlimited' is, as the name suggests, one that gives you unlimited usage. That means no limit on minutes, texts and, crucially, data - all for only £25 per month on a 12-month SIM only deal or alongside a handset.

Check out Virgin Mobile's new 'Truly Unlimited' offer

That’s not all though. Virgin Mobile is also giving 4G connected customers a boost of up to 50Mbps speeds for over-the-air data transfer. That's a perk for both existing and new customers alike.

“Virgin Mobile is giving our customers peace of mind by eliminating the fear of running out of data," said Jeff Dodds, Managing Director of Virgin Mobile. "We won’t enforce caps or throttle speeds; our Truly Unlimited customers will get what it says on the tin – a truly unlimited service.”

Unlimited data mobile plans

Before you say it, yes we know that Three and Giffgaff offer unlimited data deals. However, those two networks cap their not–so–unlimited data at 30GB and 9GB respectively. Once you've used that amount of data each month, you have to settle for non-4G speeds.

If you’re interested in all-you-can-eat and want to make sure that you're getting the best price around, then head to our guide to the best unlimited data SIM only deals.

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