Virgin Mobile is the first network to make your Twitter usage free

As networks fall over themselves to offer customers perks such as free access to services and ‘free data’ with certain apps, Virgin Mobile is the first one to offer unlimited usage of Twitter without eating into your precious data allowance.

The network already gives its 4G users free data when using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and it’s now added Twitter to its arsenal.

It means you’ll be able to post tweets, upload images, enjoying Gifs and watch videos on the platform without eating into your data allowance. There is one thing that’s not included in Virgin’s free data offer though… live video.

If you want to enjoy the latest live video stream in Twitter, it will still come out of your data allowance.

Not alone

Virgin Mobile isn’t alone in offering ‘zero-rated’ apps, and just earlier this week Three announced that eligible customers will be able to stream Netflix, SoundCloud and Deezer without it coming out of their data allowance.

It will be interesting to see if other networks follow suit as they attempt to attract new customers with value-add deals.

John McCann
Global Managing Editor

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