BT Vision adds Powerline for home install

BT has launched a self-install version of its BT Vision digital TV system. It will save you £60 off the previous engineer-must-call-at-your-house installation.

As the name suggests, BT Vision Self-Install lets you plug in your own V-Box and pay a one-off connection fee of £30 (rather than the standard £90). There's also no need to take out a BT Vision subscription.

So I just plug it in?

The BT Vision Self Install option includes a pair of 200Mbps-rated Comtrend Powerline adaptors, which plug into your wall power sockets. These are fast enough (90-100Mbps real-world speeds) to carry the video signal from the BT Home Hub to the V-box across your home's electrical wiring. This enables you to avoid trailing a thick Ethernet cable across your living room floor.

BT said the install shouldn't take more than an hour. All the necessary equipment is included in the box, and the BT Vision Self Install Guide gives advice for every stage of the install process.

Up front price of £30

"For customers who don't want or need an engineer visit, Self Install makes BT Vision an even more attractive choice - it gives all the benefits of our next-generation digital TV service for an incredible up front price of just £30," said Dan Marks, CEO of BT Vision.

According to the, BT plans to spend £100m this year on BT Vision. But the service itself, which is only compatible with BT's own Home Hub router, has yet to truly take off. "Critics say Vision, which includes a £4-per-month offer for 242 'near-live' Premiership games, is inferior to offers from BSkyB and Virgin Media."

BT Vision Self Install is available now from high street stores including Comet, and John Lewis, or online at