Valorant turns one: Offers limited-edition player cards and a free event pass

Valorant Year One
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Riot Games launched its "5v5 character-based tactical shooter video game", Valorant (opens in new tab) back on June 2, 2020. And yesterday the game completed a whole year and Riot Games announced Year One rewards for the players.

Riot Games is commemorating this occasion by offering players free loot. In a blog (opens in new tab), the developers write, "With one year of VALORANT in the books, the only proper thing to do is celebrate for a month. That’s why in June we kick off VALORANT YR1, a slate of events and opportunities—both in-game and out—to thank you with cool stuff for a year’s worth of headshots, Spike plants, and insta-locking Duelists."

The Year One events each have their specific start and run times, but most of them have already begun. Riot is bringing back the Night.Market for this occasion. Night.Market offers a collection of six random skins available to purchase, discounted and unique to each player.

Riot Games is also bringing back the Run it Back Bundle, but with a twist. The gun skins included in the bundle are determined by a player vote which is currently live (opens in new tab). Voting will close on June 7 and a portion of the proceeds will go to charity. Winners announced June 16.

Players will also be offered three Valorant Player Cards which will be part of the Limited Edition YR1 set that celebrates Episode 1, 2, and 3. The Episode 1 card will be a drop but Riot has not mentioned where and will be available till June 9. The Episode 2 card will be a special YR1 Prime Gaming Drop and till be available from June 9 to 14. While the Episode 3 card will be a part of the first YR1 Event Pass.

The developers are adding a Community-powered Battlepass in Episode 4 which will get a region-voted unique item like Sprays, Gun Buddies, and titles. Riot also announced that the YR1 Event Pass will be free for everyone. It will have seven levels of exclusive YR1 items like the Episode 3 Player Card, a Gun Buddy, and more. Riot Games is also teasing the arrival of a new agent at the end of the blog.

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