USB-C 2.1 could charge our laptops and smartphones in a flash

USB-C cable and port
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Next-gen USB-C 2.1 cables could finally be on their way, potentially seriously cutting the time it takes to charge our laptops, smartphones and other devices.

As Tom’s Hardware reports, Club3D has launched a range of USB-C cables that can deliver up to 240W of power, which is over twice the 100W maximum that current USB-C cables can supply.

This could have big implications for laptops and smartphones that use USB-C to charge, as it would mean their batteries are topped up much more quickly, which means less waiting around for them to charge.

This boosted power supply could also mean that more power-hungry devices, like gaming laptops, could finally use USB-C to charge, rather than proprietary chargers that come with big, bulky and heavy power supplies.

Analysis: Versatility for the win

These new cables could also prove to be pretty versatile as well, with Club3D apparently offering three cables, all of which feature 240W power. The CAC-1573 looks to be the entry-level model, as it only offers USB 2.0 data transfer speeds at 480Mbps, and no video output support.

The CAC-1575 appears to be a step up, offering USB 4 speeds of up to 20Gbps, as well as support for 4K at 60Hz video.

Finally, the CAC-1576 looks to be the high-end cable, with USB 4 speeds of up to 40Gbps, and support for 8K video at 60Hz. While the other two cables are two meters in length, the CAC-1576 is only one meter.

We don’t know how expensive these cables will be, nor when they will be available to buy. It’s also worth pointing out that you’ll need a new charger to make the most out of the cables, and as Tom’s Hardware points out, Club3D currently only has a charger that supports up to 132W.

Some device may not accept the higher power supply either, but hopefully we’ll see a growing number of chargers and devices that can take full advantage of the benefits of USB-C 2.1 soon.

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