Turn your Samsung Buds into Buds+

galaxy buds
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Samsung Buds owners have a reason to rejoice as the Korean electronics giant has pushed an update that essentially gives the Buds three new features that are the mainstay of the Buds+.   

The Buds and Buds plus have been a hit in the truly wireless earbuds category  and now the former possess some ‘pro’ features making it even more value for money offering. 

The Microsoft Swift Pair feature allows easy pairing of Galaxy Buds with Windows 10 versions 1803 and above. This will greatly enhance the quality of remote video meetings and listening to music by leveraging the innovative sound quality of Galaxy Buds. Now Galaxy Buds can be paired with multiple devices across mobile and PCs like Galaxy Buds+ and users can switch easily between connected devices.

Better integration

Ambient Sound can now be experienced on Galaxy Buds automatically. The technology allows external sounds to pass through the ear buds even when the user is listening to music or other sound content. This allows users to stay in touch with their surroundings when they are on calls or listening to music. Ambient Sound can now be experienced with just one earbud which gives users more options to listen or not listen to the external sounds.

The software update brings better integration of Galaxy Buds with Spotify. The tap and hold gesture will open Spotify on mobile phones and users can listen to the track they were previously listening to. They will get the recommended playlist by repeating the gesture.

Galaxy Buds did not find much traction in the market when they were released in March 2019. Samsung has invested a lot in the Galaxy Buds+  which has much better hardware and features, but sales took an adverse hit after Covid-19 lockdown worldwide. 

The Buds retail for Rs 10,000 and the Buds plus for Rs 12,000 and are available on Samsung’s website and on other ecommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. 

Nitesh Kumar

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