TSMC plans to begin 3mn chip production ahead of Apple’s M3 chips

A TSMC Silicon Wafer
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TSMC is rumored to begin commercial production of its 3nm process chips sometime in Q4 2022 according to a new report from Taiwanese trade publication Digitimes.

Apple, which is moving its Macs and MacBooks away from Intel chips to its own silicon, is set to introduce its M3 and A17 chips in 2023. These new processors, which will be used in Macs and iPhones, will feature enhanced performance capabilities and improved battery life.

The M3 chips will allegedly feature up to four dies, which would allow for up to 40 cores in its CPU. For comparison, the M1 has eight cores and the M1 Pro and M1 Max have up to 10 cores.

Analysis: The 3mn market is shifting in a big way

There seems to be plenty of shifting around in the market, as companies adjust their production alliances. Apple leaving Intel to work with TSMC directly to make custom chips is already underway, beginning with the M1 chip introduced in October 2020. AMD and Qualcomm both rely on TSMC as well for many of their products, but they are also seeking out alternatives.

AMD might be going for Korean tech giant Samsung to produce its first 3nm chips instead of TSMC, and Qualcomm seems to have also been eying Samsung as well. Apple’s partnership with TSMC seems to have ruffled some feathers, which might be what is prompting some of the aforementioned companies to look for other sources.

Meanwhile, Intel has been struggling to keep up production of its own chips compared to Asian manufacturers such as TSMC and Samsung. Its troubles began long before its current 10nm production process, used in its most recent Alder Lake processors, to the point that it’s forced to rely on using its competitors’ process nodes for its future 3nm chips.

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