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If you've been searching for Xbox One deals over the past few months you might have come up short. Stock has been particularly low on these cheaper consoles since March, with Microsoft having run out early in the summer. However, ABT's latest Xbox deals offer up a particularly rare bundle that not only offers a decent price but also sends you home with an extra controller. 

This Xbox One S bundle currently sits at $359.98 at ABT, a rare price considering the recent increases due to demand surges. Plus, there's also that extra controller in there to sweeten the deal even further. 

If you missed out on this offer, we may see more discounts in this year's Black Friday deals as well.

With the Xbox Series X on the way, many are looking to these cheaper consoles to tide them over until the new release drops in price. That's because services like Game Pass can offer the latest games on these older consoles without shoppers having to pay out for the newest hardware. All of this means picking up a cheap Xbox One deal like this can see you saving cash further down the line as well. 

We're highlighting this deal in full just below, but you can also find plenty more Xbox One S bundles and deals right here at TechRadar. 

Today's best Xbox One S bundle

Xbox One S | extra controller: $359.98 at ABT

Xbox One S | extra controller: $359.98 at ABT
Xbox One S prices have skyrocketed since stock ran dry earlier in the year. That makes this extra controller bundle all the more impressive, whether you're looking for an excellent-value deal or simply stock of the cheap Xbox.

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