This Windows 11 app deals with bloatware and fine-tunes the OS (including gaming settings)

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Windows 11 is already getting some useful third-party apps – including one that ditches the new Start menu – and another fresh piece of software now promises to optimize the operating system, remove bloatware, and more.

This (unofficial) suite of tools is called ThisIsWin11 and it offers a convenient way in which to fine-tune the OS right off the bat, even for those unfamiliar with Windows 11. In fact, for the uninitiated the app comes complete with an introduction to the new OS, taking you through optimizing the system step-by-step.

That includes giving you an overview of pre-installed apps and letting you easily remove any you don’t want, and then configuring various settings – like enabling Dark Mode, or disabling new features like snap assist – with a minimum of fuss.

There are also set profiles, including a gaming one which “adjust[s] some Windows 11 settings for a better gaming experience” according to the dev, and a Windows 10 profile that applies settings to left-align the Start menu, and disable various Windows 11 features like widgets. Essentially, it allows those who hanker for Windows 10 to go back to a more familiar interface.

All these options are certainly useful, and there’s a whole lot of functionality packed into ThisIsWin11 by all accounts. The developer has previously built apps for Windows 10, including one to remove bloatware (Bloatbox).

Analysis: Still early days yet

It’s pretty handy to have a freebie app that facilitates the configuration of Windows 11 settings by the bucketful in one simple process, and more besides.

However, obviously be careful around unofficial third-party software which is still in the early stages of development. While the developer says the app has left ‘preview status’ and is obviously now released, it’s only a couple of weeks old, and still on version 0.70.

Given that it’s still an early version, and Windows 11 itself is in beta, who knows if you might encounter some nasty glitches when this app is doing its configuration thing (or there’s also the prospect that optimization measures may not perform as expected). It goes without saying that you almost certainly won’t be using a Windows 11 testbed system for your daily work (or serious use) anyway, but be prepared for the possibility of things going awry at any rate.

In short, this looks to be a useful – if rough around the edges at this point – tool, but it’s still early days for ThisIsWin11, and we’d temper any expectations with that in mind.

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