This is what the Nokia Moonraker smartwatch would have looked like

The Nokia Moonraker is a long rumored device that Microsoft worked on in 2015, but it never saw the light of day and now a new video shows what the watch would have been like.

ProtoBetaTest managed to find a prototype version of the Moonraker and tested it in the video below to show off the main features of the watch.

The watch was set to launch with the Nokia Lumia 930 (the first phone from the company to have Windows Phone 8.1 software out of the box) but was later cancelled for the company to focus on the Microsoft Band.

Band over watch

The design of the watch itself is square, blocky and looks to have a similar design language to the Sony Smartwatch 3, which was one of the best Android Wear watches at the time.

The Moonraker featured Microsoft's Metro-style tile interface that looks similar to how Windows Phone worked back in 2015. The video shows that Facebook would have been integrated to get notifications from the social network directly to your wrist, and the watch also featured a step tracker, messaging, emails and phone calls.

Microsoft's Band fitness trackers worked well, but neither particularly excelled and it's interesting to wonder whether a smartwatch design for the first of Microsoft's wearables may have been a bigger success.

The Nokia branding is now used for a series of hybrid watches and fitness trackers called the Nokia Go, Nokia Steel and Nokia Steel HR, but none of these are as smart and feature-filled as the Nokia Moonraker would have been.

Via WindowsLatest

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