This could be our clearest look yet at the Samsung Galaxy X

Image Credit: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy X – or Galaxy Fold as it looks increasingly likely to be called – has been rumored for a long time, and we’re likely to get an official look at it in a matter of hours at the Galaxy S10 launch, but ahead of that two leaked pictures may have given us an early peek.

The images were shared by MobiFlip and it’s not clear where they came from, so we’d take them with a pinch of salt. But they show a phone that folds like a book, as we’re expecting the Galaxy X to, and which seemingly has small top and bottom bezels, but larger side bezels than you might expect and a large notch.

That notch is worthy of closer attention, as rather than being central it’s off to the right edge and appears to be completely separate to the screen, thanks to an obvious frame around it. While odd, this is similar to a design we've previously seen on a Samsung 5G phone prototype, so it could really be the design.

This notch houses what looks to be a dual-lens camera. We don’t know the specs, but they could be the same as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which is rumored to have a 10MP and 8MP pairing.

Other things to note include that the Galaxy X as shown here seemingly has a metal frame with a speaker and a USB-C port on the bottom edge.

Beyond the phone itself one of these pictures also uses the name ‘Galaxy Fold’. This is a name we’ve heard a few times now, including in a recent tweet from Evan Blass (a reputable leaker) so there’s a good chance this is the name it will launch under. We might find out later today (February 20).

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