This 2018 MacBook Air deal drops to its lowest ever price on Amazon UK today

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So you're heading back to school, college or uni after the summer and decided it's really about time you treated yourself to something a little bit special, like one of Apple's finest laptops? Well how about a big discount on one of 2018's best laptops, the incredible MacBook Air?

Originally £1200, the 2018 MacBook Air has dropped to just £939 today at Amazon. That's the lowest price we've seen the super slim laptop drop to. Of course, that's still quite a lot of money, but if you're happy with the sightly older MacBook Air with similar technical chops, but thicker bezels and no Retina display, you can actually save £189 today and get it for £759.97 at Amazon

If you're in the US, thanks for reading this far! And for sticking with us throughout all of jibber jabber about £££ deals. We'll tell you how to save $300 on a MacBook Air today as a reward.

Today's hottest MacBook Air deals (UK)

MacBook Air |

MacBook Air | £1119 £939 at Amazon
The 2018 13-inch retina display MacBook Air prices today start at just £939 for the Silver model. The Gold one (pictured left) is £944 and the Space Grey's price is £949. Each one contains a Dual-core 8th-gen i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD.

The Gold model is also £949 at John Lewis , but comes with a free two-year guarantee.

MacBook Air (2017) |

MacBook Air (2017) | £949 £759.97 at Amazon
The older MacBook Air is still pretty close to the model above as far as internal spec goes, and it's only 100g heavier. So if you're not going to really need the extra grunt offered by a 5th-gen i5 processor compared to 8th-gen, this might be the way to go. The thinner screen bezels and retina display on the newer model are stunning though and could be really helpful if you work in the design or creative industry.

Still a bit much? Check out the full range of MacBook deals for prices on every model currently widely available. But if you want to save some serious cash, you might find everything you need with our roundup of the best cheap laptop deals.

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