These wireless earbuds pack ANC and superb battery life at an affordable price

Creative Outlier Pro wireless headphones
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Audio brand Creative has just announced its latest pair of wireless earbuds. The Creative Outlier Pro true wireless earbuds are available to buy now, and have our eyebrows raised with features like hybrid active noise cancellation and up to 60 hours of battery life thanks to the pair's sleek-looking charging case.

Announced via press release, the Creative Outlier Pro wireless earbuds can be purchased from Creative's own online store, and are surprisingly affordable, setting you back just $119 / £84.99 (around AU$159). That's an especially decent price considering the higher-end features, many of which you'll find in the best wireless earbuds you can buy today.

As mentioned, one of the standout features of the Creative Outlier Pro true wireless earbuds is the seriously impressive battery life. By default, you'll get 15 hours from a single charge, with up to 45 hours more provided by the charging case. With hybrid ANC enabled, that drops to 10 hours on a single charge, which is still quite substantial.

Creative Outlier Pro

(Image credit: Creative)

Big features, small price

Great battery life isn't all the Creative Outlier Pro wireless earbuds have going for them. The aforementioned hybrid active noise cancellation - according to Creative's website - has a high effective range that can block out most noise generated by traffic, pets, voices and other audible sources.

Additionally, if you're want to be a bit aware of your surroundings, the buds also feature an Ambient mode that provides a balance between having ANC on or off. This could be a great feature if you still need to keep an ear out for certain sounds, like oncoming traffic, for example.

All ANC modes, as well as customizable touch controls, can be adjusted via the Creative mobile app, too, so you won't need to fiddle with the wireless earbuds directly if you want to find the best settings to suit your needs. A high IPX5 water resistance rating should also protect the buds from sweat, rain and long term wear and tear.

Lastly, we'd like to touch on the Creative Outlier Pro wireless earbuds' form factor and design, which appear to be fairly premium for the relatively low price. Graphene-coated drivers should hopefully allow for a crisp, clear listening experience, while the charging case itself features an impressively novel design, with the side of the case sliding outwards and revealing the earbud slots within.

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