These stylish Bluetooth speakers are made with eco-friendly materials

House of Marley Get Together 2 and Get Together 2 Mini
(Image credit: House of Marley)

House of Marley is once again looking to stir things up, with two new environmentally-conscious Bluetooth speakers.

It’s now over a decade since the audio brand which bears reggae legend Bob's name hit the market, setting itself apart with their ethical stance on using sustainable materials across their range of headphones and speakers, while also deliver generally great sound quality for the price.

The company looks to continue its ecological outlook with a trio of rejigged versions of their popular party-ready Get Together speakers.

The new mid-sized 40-watt Get Together 2 features an improved set of four full-range drivers alongside a built-in quick-charge battery that can be juiced up via USB-C which offers a claimed 20 hours of Jamming – it looks set to compete with the best party speakers around.

Bluetooth 5.0 support means mobile devices can stay connected to the speaker from up to 30 metres, while the system also features built-in Bass Boost, Acoustic, and Marley Signature Sound EQs. There’s also IP65 dust and water resistance plus an onboard mic for taking calls.

House of Marley Get Together 2

(Image credit: House of Marely)

The smaller Get Together 2 Mini meanwhile offers 20-watts of output delivered by two drivers and 15 hours of playback, alongside IP67 dust and water resistance, with the same 30 metre range and EQ options – this looks like good competition to the best waterproof speakers for use at the beach especially.

Both speakers use the brand’s Rewind upcycled fabric for grille cloth, as well as its similarly sustainable Regrind silicone and sport a natural bamboo finish, with the devices boxed up in 100% recyclable packaging. If you're looking for one of the best Bluetooth speakers and and want to make sure there's some eco-cred in there, they look like ideal.

The Get Together 2 will set you back £249.99 while the Get Together 2 Mini will be priced at £149.99 and are both available to order now in the UK from the House of Marley website

The company has also today teased a 60 watt super-sized addition to the range, with the Get Together 2 XL set for release later this year, which promises four-inch woofers, a one-inch tweeter and a playtime of 20 hours.

All three devices in the range are set to come equipped with Multi Pair technology, allowing you to connect multiples of the Get Together 2 range together for synced playback.

House of Marley Get Together Mini 2

(Image credit: House of Marley)

Analysis: New Marley speakers could bridge the gap between sustainability and sound quality

Co-founded by Bob Marley’s son Rohan, while many tech firm’s often pay lip service to reducing e-waste and their impact on the environment, House of Marley have a track record of walking it like they talk it.

From their use of sustainable materials, to the company’s support for global reforestation and ocean preservation in conjunction with initiatives like One Tree Planted and the Surfrider Foundation, while that ethical stance will sadly fall on deaf ears with many consumers, it nevertheless remains refreshing to see a tech company take steps to make a difference. 

All of those environmental efforts would mean less if they came at serious compromise to quality, but the brand’s recent track record suggests these new speakers may be worth keeping an eye on beyond their green credentials.

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