These NASA GIFs are out of this world, and now you can access all of them

NASA has already impressed with its social media savvy, but now the US space agency is taking things to a whole new level. 

The good folks at the administration are sharing a galaxy of GIFs on GIPHY, giving Average Joes and Janes access to its colossal trove of space-themed animated images. 

Some are majestic, some are silly, all are meant to share and entertain. NASA's wide range of GIFs should give you plenty to choose from, from orbiting planets to a smiley face on the surface of Mars to mission control celebrations. 

There's also this guy:

If you have a GIPHY account, the sky's the limit as far as access to NASA's collection is concerned. You can also post straight from Twitter by searching NASAGIF and making your selection. 

The agency also announced it's joined Pinterest, so if you need inspiration for your next Earth Day party or simply want to get sucked down a wormhole of planet pictures, check out NASA's pins. We won't blame you.

Via Engadget

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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