The Witcher season 2 finally has a release date – and a trailer (updated)

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Update: Now The Witcher season 2 has a teaser trailer, released during the same event. Check it out below:

Original story: The Witcher season 2 will be released on December 17, 2021, it's been confirmed. The date was revealed as part of WitcherCon, an online event featuring the cast and crew. Here's the release date, as revealed by Netflix on social media:

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Season 2 will take Geralt and Ciri to Kaer Morhen, home of the Witchers, and introduce us to some of Geralt's brothers-in-arms. The Witcher season 1 released back on December 20, 2019, so it's been a two-year wait for the Netflix fantasy drama to return.

A few more details were revealed about the show, including some new images of what's to come. Joey Batey's return as the bard Jaskier was teased:

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One of the newer Witchers in the show, Lambert, played by actor Paul Bullion, was shown training Ciri in another still from the upcoming season.

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The Witcher was one of Netflix's biggest hits when it landed in December 2019, with 76 million households watching the show during its first month. The production of this season was naturally impacted by the pandemic – it's been a long wait, but it'll hopefully be worth it.

The Witcher season 2's episode titles have been revealed

A separate video revealed the episode titles for season 2, too – and they are 'A Grain of Truth', 'Kaer Morhen', 'What Is Lost', 'Redanian Intelligence', 'Turn Your Back', 'Dear Friend', 'Voleth Meir' and one top secret title that was not revealed. No doubt this is designed to get fans speculating about what's coming up.

There wasn't loads more revealed about the plot of season 2, really, other than that Kaer Morhen is a big focus of what's to come, and that the show will focus on Geralt's father figure relationship with Ciri. 

With many months to go until the premiere date, we've no doubt got a few reveals left to go – a full trailer for the series still hasn't been released, though some behind-the-scenes footage was shown at the event. 

You can see that below:

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