The Samsung Note 8 display sets a high bar for the iPhone 8

Samsung is among the best at making displays. And if you need proof beyond its televisions, look no further than its smartphones. Year after year, phone after phone, the company bests its previous efforts and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is no exception to that trend.

According to Display Mate’s in-depth findings, the Note 8’s display is objectively better than anything that’s come out before.

Digging into the details, the Note 8’s large 6.3-inch display is 20% bigger than that found on the Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s also brighter, too, with Display Mate’s research turning up that it pushes 1,200 nits, an all-time high for a smartphone and a whopping 22% brighter than the S8.

But does brighter mean better? Apparently, it does when the Note 8’s screen also boasts a larger native color gamut. This means that like the company’s entertainment-ready 4K OLED televisions, the Note 8 can push more accurate colors for your content, even if you don’t really notice the difference.

The predictable trend may soon be upended

As history would tell us, next year’s Samsung phone will have the best-ever screen. Or will Apple? Rumor has it, the iPhone 8 will be Apple’s first smartphone to feature an OLED display.

In terms of who will earn Display Mate’s accolades, it’s a toss up. Apple’s OLED could be a little less impressive than Samsung given its unfamiliarity with the technology. But then again, it’s Apple we’re talking about here. 

If the company is jumping aboard the OLED train, it’s likely going all in, and as a result, is diverting all of its resources and talent to ensure that it’s the best out there. Given that the iPhone 8’s launch event is supposedly just around the corner on September 12, we don’t have long to wait and see.

Cameron Faulkner

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