The original BB-8 droid is now $20 off and comes with a free Force Band

BB-8 with Force Band deal

Sphero’s BB-8 droid—an app-controlled toy that responds to your voice and gestures and can either roam free or respond to programmed commands—is one of the best toys available today. But, it’s always been a bit on the pricey side. 

Now, thrifty Star Wars fans who walked out of The Force Awakens adoring the quirky soccer ball-shaped droid but balked at the original $150 price tag have reason to celebrate. 

Sphero has announced a price-drop for its Star Wars toys line today. BB-8 now retails from Sphero for $79, down $20 from $99. 

Even better, this BB-8 droid includes a free Force Band, which used to sell for $79 by itself. 

But Sphero isn't the only place you'll find a discounted BB-8.

The droid is only $75 on Amazon right now, but you’ll have to buy the Force Band separately for just under $20. 

In our review, we found that the Force Band wearable had a steep learning curve to master (just like the Force itself), but that it added a ton of fun to the overall experience that the remote-control app alone doesn’t unlock. 

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Sphero's BB-9E, BB-8's evil counterpart

Sphero's BB-9E, BB-8's evil counterpart

If you tend a little more towards the Dark Side, then you may be pleased to know that BB-8's evil counterpart BB-9E is also on sale. You can nab this droid for $99 on Sphero, a hefty savings from its original price tag, plus a free Force Band.

BB-9E’s tech features are nearly identical to BB-8’s, so that extra $20 is mostly cosmetic. 

And, for Original Trilogy purists, Sphero R2-D2, another of our picks for best toys 2018, is now $99 on Sphero and comes bundled with a free Force Band, too. 

This movie-authentic droid has the beeps and whistles you know and love from the films, plus RC controls and an AR mode for exploring the Millennium Falcon. 

So, don't worry, these low prices aren't a trap, no matter what Admiral Ackbar says. We think these toys are definitely worth considering for your kids (or yourself) at these prices. 

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