The next Dell XPS 13 will definitely be a convertible laptop

The upcoming CES was already set to be an exciting one, but Dell has made it one to look forward to without doubt – perhaps by accident. The PC firm has confirmed to TechRadar today’s earlier report of a convertible hybrid version of the Dell XPS 13 to debut during the big show in early January 2017.

Oh, and it’ll definitely come packing that InfinityEdge display that has come on models before it. Dell also confirmed reports of a refreshed Latitude 13 product to be shown off in Las Vegas.

PC Magazine first reported the existence of a convertible hybrid variety of the XPS 13 through an unnamed source, only for Dell to confirm the report hours later.

 There’s still much to be shown (we hope) 

In neither PC Mag’s report nor Dell’s confirmation was any more information included about either device in the likes of hardware specifications or other features. So, should either of these machines pack features other than what’s on the tin, we’ll still be in for a treat come early January.

Being Dell’s flagship line of laptops, it’s easy to assume a few things out of the hybrid Dell XPS 13. For one, chances are high it’ll come packing the latest processor line from Intel, Kaby Lake, and offer a beyond-HD display like those that have come before it.

Of course, solid-state storage is all but a given in a convertible device to keep thickness low and weight light.

The big thing we don’t know is how Dell has managed to get a near-edgeless display into a convertible hybrid, and we can’t wait to see what leading design Dell has cooked up for next year. More importantly, will it continue to top our list of best laptops?

Joe Osborne

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