The Morning Show, Ted Lasso, Foundation and all the incoming Apple TV+ shows

At its California Streaming event, Apple CEO Tim Cook unleashed an avalanche of new trailers for upcoming Apple TV Plus shows and movies. Among them were some real heavy hitters like The Morning Show Season 2, Foundation and John Stewart’s new TV show, The Problem with John Stewart.

Not only did we get a closer look at the upcoming content, we also got a few crucial release dates for John Stewart (September 30), Finch (November 5) and The Shrink Next Door (November 12). 

Until these shows come out there’s plenty to watch on the service – like Ted Lasso Season 2 that’s just a few weeks away from finishing up – See starring Jason Momoa and Mr. Corman starring Joseph Gordon Levitt. 

Not sure where to start with Apple TV Plus? Here’s your guide to all the new stuff coming to the service in the next few months – and a few shows that just came out that are worth your attention. 

Coming soon to Apple TV Plus 

The Morning Show Season 2 (September 17) 

Apple TV Plus’ flagship show returns on September 17 for its second season. After picking up a number of Emmy noms in its first season, The Morning Show is easily some of the highest caliber content in Apple’s arsenal right now and stars big names like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. The show’s a newsroom drama that unfolds after one of its original anchors (played by Steve Carrell) is caught up in a scandal. It’s a primetime drama that you can watch anytime, anywhere on Apple TV Plus.

Foundation (September 24)

For fans of science fiction, it’s going to be a great few months of shows and movies. While big-screen fans will get a chance to watch Frank Herbert’s Dune in theaters and on HBO Max, owners of smaller screens will be able to watch Isaac Asimov’s seminal Foundation series on Apple TV Plus starting on September 24. Asimov’s heady series can make for some dense (but enjoyable) reading – so we’re very much looking forward to seeing how Apple’s adaptation lives up to the books. 

The Problem with John Stewart (September 30) 

There should probably be a comma in there as The Problem, with John Stewart is a much better description of the longtime TV host’s new series. A talk show that picks up where The Daily Show left off, Stewart will attempt to tackle some of today’s biggest issues with his signature satirical comedic style that’s both utterly hilarious and simultaneously compassionate for the average American. It makes its debut on September 30.

A shot of Tom Hanks with his robot in the movie Finch

(Image credit: Apple)

Finch (November 5)

The month of October will see a few decent shows make their way to Apple TV Plus, but it won’t be until November that the streaming service goes back to pumping out the blockbusters. The first up is Finch starring the legendary Tom Hanks. In what feels like a strange, strange crossover between I am Legend and Wall-E, Finch stars Hanks, his dog and a robot as they explore the ravaged remains of a planet that – in all likelihood – is planet earth after we reap all of its natural resources. It might be a bit heavy-handed for our liking, but with Hanks at the helm we’re more than willing to give this a shot on November 5.

The Shrink Next Door (November 12) 

Another big series on the docket for Apple TV Plus is The Shrink Next Door, a dramedy starring Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell. In it, Rudd plays a psychologist on a mission to help Ferrell’s character set boundaries. Those boundaries clearly get crossed over time as their therapy turns into basketball, long hugs and walks in the park, but we’re expecting the results to be heart-warming and funny rather than bleak and/or creepy. We’ll find out one way or the other when the first episode drops on November 12.

What to watch right now on Apple TV Plus 

Ted Lasso (Season 2 available now)

If you leave here remembering only one recommendation of ours, make it Ted Lasso. The genuinely beautiful series starring Jason Sudeikis as Coach Lasso threw us for a few loops in the first season, but the second season has shown us that wounds heal over time and that family are truly the people we choose to be with rather than the ones we’re born with. The second season of the show wraps up shortly but now’s as good a time as any to start if you’ve yet to witness the magic that is Ted Lasso on Apple TV Plus.

Mr. Corman (Season 1 available now) 

Both Apple and Disney are infatuated with music teachers this year. While Disney and Pixar’s Soul showed us the power of music as a cornerstone of our lives, Mr. Corman shows us the total opposite – basically what happens when someone with musical talent doesn’t put it to the best of their abilities. The result is a dramedy that is a rollercoaster of laughs and depression as we see actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt struggle with his life choices and a dream deferred. 

Mythic Quest (Season 2 available now) 

Take the dysfunctional family of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, stick them in charge of a video game developer and voila! You’ve got Mythic Quest. While the premise sounds completely and utterly ridiculous the results are… OK, they’re ridiculous too. What makes Mythic Quest great is its amazing cast of characters, pitch-perfect satire of the games industry and some sweeping character arcs that are as epic as the title suggests. We highly recommend watching both seasons of the show.  

The Elephant Queen (Available now) 

Even if you don’t fancy yourself much of an animal documentary fan, The Elephant Queen is all-around good cinema. Following the life of an elephant matriarch named Athena and narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor, this acclaimed documentary was nominated for Best Science/Nature Documentary and Best Narration in 2019 when it was released and won at the Cinema for Peace Awards. If you haven’t had enough pachyderms for the day, we also highly recommend watching Elephant (2020) on Disney Plus that’s narrated by none other than Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and is downright phenomenal as well.

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