The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are now available to buy

Google Pixel 6 deals
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Following a successful pre-order stage, both the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are now available to buy. Whether you're in the UK or US, there are plenty of retailers stocking both phones with some even offering next day delivery.

Both of these new handsets from Google stand out as great competitors to both Samsung and Apple's flagship phones. Go for the more affordable Google Pixel 6 and you'll only pay £599 / $699.

Despite that pretty affordable price tag, there's a lot crammed in here. It features a 4614mAh battery, Google's new Tensor chipset and a 6.4-inch OLED display with Full HD+.

Upgrade to the more powerful Google Pixel 6 Pro and you'll see a jump in most specs. The chipset remains the same but you'll get a more powerful 5003mAh battery, a 6.71-inch display with QHD+ resolution and a jump up from 90Hz refresh rate with the regular Pixel 6 to 120Hz.

Both handsets feature really impressive camera set-ups, utilising 50MP wide and 12MP ultrawide lenses with intelligent AI working on your photos. The Pro also throws in a telephoto lens too.

Whether you're in the UK or US, we've listed all of the main retailers you can buy Google Pixel 6 deals from below.

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What's the Google Pixel 6 series like?

Google Pixel 6:
The more affordable of the two devices, the Google Pixel 6, will stand out to those that want a powerful smartphone at a cheaper price point.

While it won't compete with the flagships of the world, there is a lot of promising specs on board. The 6.4-inch FHD+ display, while not as impressive as some other more expensive devices, will look bright and clear. That paired with the 90Hz refresh rate will provide a fluid move as you swipe around the phone's interface.

Google promises a 24-hour battery life from the 4524mAh battery and up to 30% charge in 30 minutes. That paired with the 8GB RAM 'Google Tensor' processor means this device will be capable of operating most apps without lag or any major trouble.

Google has fully committed to the security of this device, using end-to-end security along with anti-phishing and malware protection, multi-layer hardware security, and plenty more.

The dual-camera setup provides an impressive camera performance. While not as powerful as what Samsung and Apple can offer, it is still likely to be one of the best around.

Google Pixel 6 Pro:
Step up to the more powerful Google Pixel 6 Pro, and you'll get a very similar package to the regular 6, just with some critical upgrades in the more important categories.

The most obvious upgrade is in the size and display. The Google Pixel 6 Pro comes in at an impressive 6.7-inches with a QHD display. It also upgrades to a 120Hz refresh rate for the display for even faster and cleaner movement around your phone's apps and operating system.

There are also improvements in both the battery life and charging rates. You'll be getting a 4905mAh battery and the ability to charge 50% in 30 minutes.

As for the camera, like the Google Pixel 6, the Pro model includes a 50MP wide camera and a 12MP ultrawide camera. However, the Pro model also includes a 48MP telephoto lens with a zoom of up to 20x.

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