The AMD Ryzen 3100 can apparently overclock to 4.6GHz on all cores

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AMD’s budget Ryzen 3 3100 CPU has been spotted pulling off some impressive clock speeds, with the quad-core chip hitting as high as 4.6GHz in a leaked benchmark.

The budget processor, which is due to hit shelves on June 16, has been prematurely tested on Geekbench 4, Geekbench 5, 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme and 3DMark Time Spy. The results are good news for those looking to build a gaming PC on a budget, as it seems the chip can push way beyond its base and boost clock speeds of 3.6GHz and 3.9GHz, respectively. 

As shared by hardware tipster @_rogame, the AMD Ryzen 3 3100 managed to clock up to 4.2GHz on Geekbench 4, up to 4.5GHz on both Fire Strike Extreme and Time Spy benchmarks, and up to an impressive 4.6GHz on Geekbench 5 - a 15% boost over standard performance. The chip also racked up an impressive single-core score of 1,325 and a multi-core score of 5,669 points.

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What’s more, the leaked figures show that the chip was benchmarked using an Asus TUF B450M-Pro Gaming motherboard, which isn't expected to be the best motherboard for overclocking with AMD CPUs.

AMD’s soon-to-be-released Ryzen 3 3300X has also been put through its paces, though it failed to topple the lesser-spec 3100 with a recorded all-core overclock of 4.4 GHz. The CPU also 5472 points in the 3DMark TimeSpy benchmark, failing to match the 3100’s score of 5481 points.

Though the 3300X has been unable to match its budget sibling, the Zen 2-based CPU recently outperformed Intel’s Core i7-7700K in leaked Geekbench 4 scores. The AMD chip, which will be released on May 21, scored 5,874 points in the single-core test and 20,948 points in the multi-core test, while Intel's last quad-core flagship scored 5,816 points and 20,329 points in the same tests, respectively.

Though it’s worth noting that the AMD chip was paired with DDR4-3733 memory, the Intel CPU was working with DDR4-3200 RAM. It’s clear that AMD’s budget desktop processors will offer performance at least on par with Intel’s latest offerings, and will offer a huge performance boost over Team Red’s existing quad-core parts.

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