Tell the world your food opinions with DoorDash’s revamped review system

New Written Reviews feature on DoorDash app
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Foodies have a new way to gush about their favorite restaurants thanks to the upcoming review sections coming to DoorDash.

Now you won’t have to swap back and forth between Google reviews and the DoorDash app to see if the food at a restaurant is any good. Written Reviews are being added to condense all this information together as a direct upgrade to the original Public Reviews. With this update, people will be able to go into further detail about why their favorite food spot is so good. DoorDash also hopes these reviews give restaurateurs public feedback on things that they can improve. 

The second feature, Most Liked Items, ties into the Written Reviews. Say, you chose a restaurant based on its good reviews, but you don’t know what to order from the menu. You can narrow your decision down thanks to Most Liked Items, which lets people rate individual dishes. DoorDash states there will be a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” icon next to each menu item. The three highest-rated plates will appear with a "Most Liked" tag next to them.

If you want to see the most popular restaurants in your local area, DoorDash is adding new Top 10 Lists. The restaurants that appear on the list change according to user reviews and how often people order from them. So, the entries are dynamic and you may end up discovering a new favorite spot.

And the last feature is Most Loved All Stars. As the name suggests, it’s a collection of the most highly rated restaurants across the United States, Australia, and Canada. You can view the 100-entry US list and the 15-entry Australian list on DoorDash’s merchant website. However, as of this writing, the Canadian list isn’t out yet.

Expanding reach

According to a DoorDash representative, Most Liked Items and Written Reviews will be rolling out to the US and select markets in both Australia and Canada. The Top 10 Lists will be available in certain areas of the US, Australia, Canada, and Japan. So far, these are the only countries that have these features. It’s unknown if there are plans to expand into other countries

If you do live in any of these countries, we recommend that you update your DoorDash app so you can start reviewing.

In recent months, DoorDash has been tweaking its platform to be more customer-friendly. Back in early April, the company added a new DashPass for Students service that slashes the normal cost of a subscription by half. Other perks include no delivery fees (as long as you hit the subtotal minimum), five percent credit back, and access to exclusive menu items.

If you order out a lot and want to save money, TechRadar showcased a new app called Too Good To Go that helps you find deals.

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