Watch out! Galaxy Gear smartwatch could connect to TVs next

Galaxy Gear compatible with TVs next?
Now you'll never lose the remote control

The recently released Galaxy Gear smartwatch has a wrist-friendly 1.6-inch screen, but it may be able to connect to electronics with much larger displays like TVs in the future.

Samsung is looking into how its newly released Android smartwatch pairs with its line of Smart TVs and networked devices, said Ryan Bidan according to TechHive.

Bidan, who is Samsung's director of product marketing, didn't lay out application specifics about what the smartwatch-to-TV connection could bring.

Diet and fitness apps that display information gathered by the Galaxy Gear's sensors could help S-Health users better chart their progress thanks to a larger display, hinted today's report.

But for the most part, the company seems to be leaving the clasp unlocked for developers to fiddle with the interconnectivity at its Samsung Developers Conference at the end of this month.

Phones and tablets, on the other watch hand

Galaxy Gear's TV future seems like a more distant novelty, as smartphones and tablets remain ideal for quickly pushing data between two gadgets.

After all a mobile device is almost always on hand and a watch is literally always on hand. A TV is much more static.

But, at this point, any new compatibility would be nice for the Galaxy Gear. So far, Samsung has made its smartwatch work with just the Galaxy Note 3 phone and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 tablet.

The Galaxy S4 is scheduled to link up with the Galaxy Gear by the end of this month, while the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 are expected to do the same by the end of December.

For now, Galaxy Gear just remains an expensive smartwatch with two compatible devices and no TV connectivity just yet.

Matt Swider