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New Roku boxes unveiled with Roku 3 leading the streaming charge

New Roku boxes unveiled with Roku 3 leading the streaming charge
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Roku has revamped its range of streaming players, bringing its updated boxes to the US, Canada and UK.

There are now three devices in the Roku line-up: the beginners' box is the Roku 1, a basic media streamer that lets you play 1080p full HD video from Netflix, Vevo, iPlayer and other streaming services on your TV using a Wi-Fi or wired internet connection.

The Roku 2 offers the same basic functionality but uses dual-band wireless for a more robust connection and its remote control comes with a headphone jack so you can privately listen to the streamed video without disturbing anyone else.

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The Roku 3 steps things up another notch by offering all the Roku 2 featuers as well as an Ethernet and USB port.

The top end streamer also comes with a motion sensor in its remote control so you can play - wait for it - games.

The Roku 3 has actually been out in the US for a number of months but this is the first time it's made it to the UK's fine shores.

The US also now gets to enjoy the Roku LT, a really tiny, cheap box that streams up to 720p HD video. The LT has been available in the UK for a while now, but is now somewhat undercut by the £10 Sky Now TV box.

America can pre-order the Roku LT, 1 and 2 in the US from today, with pricing set at $49.99, $59.99 and $79.99 respectively.

In the UK, the Roku 3 release date is set for today with pricing at £99.99. The Roku 1 and 2 will be available in October but you can pre-order them from today for £59.99 and £79.99 respectively.