LG and Samsung tipped to unveil flexible TVs at CES 2014

Curved OLED TV
From curved to flexible TVs

Why stop at flexible phones? Why not make flexible everything??

Already out with their G Flex and Galaxy Round smartphones, LG and Samsung are reportedly prepared to show flexible OLED TV prototypes at CES 2014.

The limber screens seem to be the real deal: Unnamed officials at both Samsung and LG confirmed the plans to the Korea Times.

A remote would control the sets' bends to achieve better viewing angles, and an "industry official" familiar with the plans said that Samsung's flexible OLED TV prototype is home to a "huge" display.

The same anonymous official confirmed Samsung's unveiling plans for the Las Vegas tech show, scheduled for next month.

Flex crazy

Curved OLED TVs were on hand at CES 2013, but the screens have a fixed viewing angle and can't be manipulated.

Samsung told the Times that its flexible TV uses plastic-based OLED displays, and the back panel alters the display's shape.

"Key local component partners," including Samsung Display, are said to be sending out the needed parts, though it's not yet known whether Samsung plans to show the prototypes publicly at CES or in closed-door meetings.

As for LG, a company executive said the company's head of TV "will meet with clients and reporters for the first time as president and will promote something new."

"We will also unveil a remote bendable OLED TV that hasn't been seen before," the anonymous official continued.

What that other "something new," no one seemed to say.

While the idea of bendable TVs is novel, there is apparently a solution in the form of customized software that keeps images from being distorted as the screen moves.

Talk about the wonders of technology.

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