Galaxy Round reportedly a prototype, even has a limited run in South Korea

Galaxy Round prototype
May be Round 1

The Samsung Galaxy Round is available to buy right now in South Korea, even though it looks like an odd-shaped prototype that the company is testing out.

Well, truth be told the "world's first curved smartphone" is actually being considered a prototype inside Samsung, according to the dedicated fan blog SamMobile.

The report cites an insider that said the South Korean electronics giant intends to produce only "limited quantities" of the peculiar device.

The lack of inventory may not be that big of a problem, however. The Galaxy Round is rather expensive with a price that said to be over $1,000 (about £627, AU$1,047).

A Note 3 that flexes a lot

The Galaxy Round could be a sign of future curved display smartphones to come that are meant for the mainstream.

Samsung has done this sort of limited testing phase before when it launched the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE, noted today's report.

Or it may be a one-off that Samsung doesn't get behind after polling public opinion.

While this "prototype" is not being sold outside of South Korea right now, anyone bent on owning a smartphone with the same basic specs - minus the bend - can pick up the Galaxy Note 3.

The two devices use a similar phablet-sized nearly 5.7-inch display. It's just that one is curved and the other is not. Unless of course you drop the Note 3.

Matt Swider