Sony unveils new 7.4-inch OLED monitor

Sony's new OLED monitor - respectable in the '80s
Sony's new OLED monitor - respectable in the '80s

Sony has revealed its latest OLED-toting device – a 7.4-inch monitor for professional videomakers.

After Sony decided to stop producing its XEL-1 OLED display in Japan, it did seem that the writing was on the wall for the technology, but now the screens have found their way into the new PVM-740.

The monitor is the opposite of what you expect an OLED display to look like. It's bulky for a start and looks like something Magnum PI would whip out of his man bag, but it's designed to be bolted into OB trucks and various camera rigs.

3D ready

OLED is fantastic for videomakers as the screen resolution is so vibrant. Offering 960 x 540 pixels, the screen has an AR coating so reflection is kept to a minimum and has technology inside to emulate a CRT. That's right, a CRT – which is still the trusted choice for those monitoring filming.

Other features include a HDMI connectivity – though if you pipe an HD source through it will only display the central portion of the image – and it has a flip mode, which makes it decent for 3D camera rigs.

It may have a completely different function than the XEL-1 – and a shed load more features – but the pricing is pretty similar at $3,850.

The Sony PVM-740 is being shown off at this week's NAB show in Las Vegas. UK pricing and release date are still to be announced.

Via Sony Insider

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