Samsung to play master of the household wares with Smart TV apps

Smart TV controls house
TV fun house

Getting up from the couch to turn off the lights or crank up the air conditioning may soon join rabbit ear antennas and the 4:3 aspect ratio in the bane of TV-related technology history.

That's because Samsung announced that its latest Smart TV software enables consumers to control their home appliances through its connected television sets.

This includes managing "lighting, air-conditioning and refrigerators," according to the company's official Samsung Tomorrow blog today.

Although the South Korean electronics giant is only targeting developers with its Smart TV SDK 5.0, the beta firmware is designed to make creating TV apps easier.

As a result, it shouldn't be long before we're pointing fingers at our TVs and commanding them to dim the lights with completely unnecessary prompts like "Showtime!"

Samsung vs LG: there's an app-liance for that

What's interesting is that Samsung is honing in on new connected houseware features on the same day that LG announced its HomeChat idea.

LG's similar HomeChat feature uses messaging apps to interact with washing machines, refrigerators, ovens and vacuums.

Both South Korean conglomerates are leading television manufacturers and also specialize in making everything from dishwashers to electric ranges.

Samsung and LG may be locking horns when it comes to manufacturing smart watches, too.

Samsung has its Galaxy Gear and possible follow-up, while LG is reportedly re-entering the wearable market with 'G Arch' and 'G Health.'

Matt Swider