Send your smart appliances a 'get to work' text with LG's new HomeChat

Send your smart appliances a 'get to work' text with LG's new HomeChat service
LG's smart fridges getting a little smarter

LG is building a messaging service into its new range of connected smart home appliances, allowing users to control them remotely from a mobile device.

The new HomeChat feature, which will use the cross-platform Line messaging app, will be built into the company's new washing machines, refrigerators, ovens and robotic vacuum cleaners.

To that end, users will be able to send the refrigerator a text to enter power saving mode, if they go on holiday or set the vacuum cleaner off around the house.

Users will also be able to text the cleaner to ask when it last made a lap around the house and act accordingly.

Remote laundry

HomeChat could also be used to remotely start a load of laundry on compatible machines, receive notifications when it's completed and also download the latest wash cycles.

For the company's newest smart ovens, owners will be able to use HomeChat to set the cooking mode depending on the recipe.

The range of appliances, which have yet to be named, will be revealed at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, which kicks off in less than two weeks time.

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