Project Canvas gets a website

A new website for Canvas - probably not going to look like this forever
A new website for Canvas - probably not going to look like this forever

Project Canvas has finally got an official website, allowing the IPTV project fronted by the BBC to begin a lengthy education project for the general public.

Although Project Canvas is still being talked over by the BBC Trust, a website has now appeared at

"We launched today, a hub for the partners (BBC, ITV, BT, Five) to host information about the project," said the BBC's Richard Dalton – Director of Project Canvas in the BBC internet blog.

Important outlet

"The BBC Internet blog has been an important outlet for us but as canvas has a broader audience (and is not just a BBC project) we wanted a neutral space to communicate; its content reflects the views of the partnership," he added.

"With Freeview going past 10m homes this week, and Freesat continuing to make strong progress, it's a timely reminder of the importance of the UK's free-to-air platforms. As shareholders in both of these ventures, the BBC sees project canvas as critical to keeping them relevant."

Although it is the driving force behind the project, Canvas also involves ITV, Five and BT.


The likes of Sky, along with manufacturers, have raised objections to the project, and the Trust is yet to make a final decision – although few believe that it will be thrown out in the long run.

Both Dalton and Erik Huggers have stated their believe that the first Project Canvas boxes could appear by Christmas 2010 if the Trust makes a decision quickly.

The website is basic, to say the least, although you could probably speculate that this is as much down to the fact that anything ostentatious would be seen as over-confidence that Canvas will go ahead.

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