LG's new TVs can record and pause live TV

LG has announced the worldwide launch of its new LT75 series of LCD TVs and PT85 series of plasma TVs. Both come sporting upgraded built-in digital video recorders (DVRs).

Enabling you to record, pause and fast-wind live TV, they're the first generation in a new age of DVR televisions from LG.

The company has also added several new features to its Freeview playback functions including dual tuners - which let you watch one programme while recording another - and 160GB of storage space.

"At LG we strive to develop new technologies that make TVs sleeker and smarter," says James Atkins, marketing manager for LG brown goods.

Hard disk recording

"Our Freeview playback TVs have made it far easier to use DVRs by eliminating the need to connect yet another external box to the TV and learn to use it. This new range will become synonymous with intuitive, beautiful and high-tech televisions that enhance the viewing experience."

These Freeview TVs are capable of storing over 48 hours of high quality digital TV programmes, or over 86 hours of standard quality programming. This, LG is keen to point out, is enough to record all 57 of the Euro 2008 games, scheduling for which may be found using the built-in Electronic Programme Guide.

The LCD TVs look pretty great. They feature LG's proprietary True Viewing Angle technology, which minimises colour distortion and provides stable and accurately represented images from all angles.

100Hz technology

The PT85 plasma screens on the other hand, incorporate Dual Peaks technology, which eliminates flicker even during fast-moving action scenes, using a 100Hz screen refresh rate.

These televisions are compatible with most cable and satellite set-top boxes and include HDMI, composite, S-video and SCART inputs. The LT75 series is available in 32-inch, 37-inch, and 42-inch models, while the PT85 series is available in 42-inch and 50-inch versions.

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