Hands on: Sky Anytime+ review

If content is king then Sky is definitely sat firmly on the throne. As a movie fan it would be hard not to cast your eye through the wealth of movies that are available (if you subscribe to them of course) through Anytime+ and that are available to play inside a minute. Series-wise things are a little patchy, but appear to be coming along leaps and bounds.

Missing, of course, are programmes from the terrestrial broadcasters; you won't be watching Hollyoaks or Planet Earth on Sky Anytime+, ahem, any time soon.

The box office on demand is rolled in, and, although it was not there at the time of writing, Sky should have the Anytime+ content integrated into its overall search rather than having to go into the Anytime+ library in the fullness of time.

Sky anytime+ - a key addition

Sky anytime+ - a key addition

In conclusion, Anytime+ is a fine addition to Sky's service. It has often been termed 'closing the circle' in terms of offering a complete package; bringing some of the best content available to play whenever the user wants.

When you add Anytime+ into the current Anytime system and also bring in the Sky+ and the strides being made in HD and 3D, Sky's offering is looking incredibly strong.

There are issues – Sky needs to roll this out for other ISPs as soon as possible, and the need for HD for those with connections that can take it is paramount.

But, make no mistake about it, Sky customers will love Anytime+, and although it could fall behind in terms of quality and speed to Virgin Media's forthcoming refresh, the wealth of content that Sky has at its disposal is going to be a key factor.

Patrick Goss

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