Google TV gets a dedicated website

Google TV - getting closer
Google TV - getting closer

Google has given its upcoming Google TV service its very own website, which includes a video tour, advice for developers and exactly how you can get Google TV in the home.

In what is a significant week for Google TV – Logitech will unveil its device 6 October – it is nice to see some more information on the service, even if it is still rather piecemeal.

The tour on the site explains that Google TV is: your TV complete with search engine; a place where you can browse the whole of the web; a service which brings apps to the TV; and the fact you can watch TV and browse the web on the screen at the same time.

Google will be televised

The website is glossy and explains how seamless Google TV will be for those who use it.

The idea of web on your TV, however, will be difficult one for consumers to understand – considering that TV is 'lean back' and web 'lean forward'.

But Google is hoping that integration with Android phones – you can use your phone as a TV remote – will make consumers understand that the internet and its copious amounts of video content will come alive with Google TV.

The website also explains how you will be able to get Google TV: either through a Logitech Revue box or a Sony Smart TV.

At the heart of both these systems is an Intel Atom chip, something which is also powering The D-Link Boxee Box, another web TV device.

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