Stream on: Amazon Fire TV Stick now has all the big UK on-demand apps

Fire TV

Amazon has announced that it's added on-demand catch-up services ITV Hub and All 4 to its Fire TV Stick.

It's quite a big deal, as it means all of the major terrestrial on-demand services are available across every device in Amazon's Fire TV lineup.

Amazon says the introduction of ITV Hub and All 4 brings the collection of channels, apps and games to over 4,200.

With BBC iPlayer, My5, ITV Hub and All 4 combining with non-terrestrial services like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, Amazon's Fire TV range has become an even more compelling offer.

While the latest Amazon Fire TV, which offers 4K output, will cost you £80, you can pick up a Fire TV Stick for just £35 and still get the same lineup.

Hugh Langley

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