TechRadar Choice Awards 2022: vote for your winners of the best tech around!

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The TechRadar Choice Awards 2022 are on the way, where we'll celebrate the most-loved tech products and brands – with your help.

This year, we have over 60 categories of awards, ranging from TVs, to phones, to air fryers, to cameras, to headphones, to ebikes, to laptops… any much more, of course.

TechRadar's own product and review experts have created shortlists for our categories, and we're asking for your help to choose the final winners – you can vote for your favorite products and brands just below!

You'll need to cast your vote before 00:01am PST / 03:01am EST / 08:01am BST on Saturday October 22nd, 2022 for it to be counted.

After that time, we'll count up all of the votes, combining your vote with that of our expert judges, and we'll announce the final winners in our TechRadar Choice Awards Week, starting Monday October 31st.

Don't worry if you don't want to vote in every category – you can use the links below to only vote in the sections that interest you the most.

This is your chance to help make sure that the products and brands that you think have really knocked it out of the park over the last year get the recognition they deserve – give them your support, and help us to crown the most deserving tech available today!

Vote in all categories below, or just in specific categories at:

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