Sleek and sexy new LCD tablet display unveiled

Princeton: not just a great uni it seems
Princeton: not just a great uni it seems

Touchscreen LCDs are not a new concept with the likes of Sanyo, Protouch and Aspect getting in on the act but Touchcreen LCD tablets are, especially ones that look as slender as the new Princeton PTB-TMW19B that’s just been unveiled in Japan.

You've got the touch

The Princeton has all the tech you associate with a Touchscreen tablet – a WXGA+ display, 300cd/m2 brightness – and a little bit more with pen interactivity, which is ideal for PowerPoint presentations, and handwriting recognition, for those who want to write straight on to the screen.

As has been pointed out on various blogs, the Princeton bears a remarkable similarity to an earlier Shuttle LCD screen release with its slim size (it’s just 24mm thick) but the new model has a lower resolution, 1440 x 900, compared to the Shuttle XP19’s 1,680 x 1,050 and contrast ratio is just 800:1 rather than the XP19’s 1000:1.

You do get some built-in speakers though and Corel image software and Office annotation software is bundled.

The 19in screen is set to be released in Japan in June and will retail at around 128,000 Yen (£610). There’s no news yet of when the Princeton will find its way over here, so for the mo we’ll just have to make do with our Wacom Cintiq for now.

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